FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Membrane Lipid Replacement


Q. What is Membrane Lipid Replacement?
A. Membrane Lipid Replacement is the use of oral membrane phospholipids to replace damaged cellular membrane lipids and restore cellular membrane properties and function.

Q. What is the clinical trial test product for Membrane Lipid Replacement?
A. Phospholipids, such as those found in The Trial phospholipid supplement, contain membrane glycerolphospholipids.  This special class of phospholipids is important in maintaining cellular health and function and repairing cellular membranes.

Q. Why are the phospholipids in the Trial phospholipid supplement so important in repairing and replacing damaged cell membranes?
A. Cellular membrane phospholipids become oxidized and stiff as we age or as we become sick with diseases like Fibromyalgia, much like oxidation causes rust and damages metal surfaces. The Trial supplement can replace these oxidized membrane lipids with healthy vital, undamaged phospholipids, which can then restore lost membrane function. That is why it is called ‘Membrane Lipid Replacement.’  Some vitamins and antioxidants can help prevent cell membrane oxidative damage, but they do not repair damaged cellular membranes.

Q. What else is in the Trial phospholipid supplement besides membrane phospholipids?
A. The Trial phospholipid supplement also contains some trace elements like sodium borate and some filers, such as vegetable juice (beet) for color, citric acid for taste and traces of other natural flavors and plant xylitol, as a binder to hold the wafers together. An important minor ingredient is plant fructooligosaccharides (to protect the phospholipids from damage) and pantethine, a coenzyme A precursor.

Q. Does The Trial phospholipid supplement contain any soy proteins, milk products, egg products, fish, or crustacean shellfish products, tree nuts, peanuts, yeast, wheat, gluten, rice, beef or pork products?
A. No. It also does not contain any stimulants, alkaloids, preservatives, hormones (or hormone-like compounds) or non-food material whatsoever. It does not contain any common allergens, such as wheat, dairy, soy proteins, animal by-products, or artificial flavorings, digestible plastics, caffeine or sugar.

Q. How is The Trial phospholipid supplement different from other supplements that claim to fight fatigue and pain?
A. The Trial phospholipid supplement is an ingredient mixture that has been proven in clinical trials to significantly reduce fatigue. Some manufacturers create the illusion of efficacy by discussing aspects of the energy producing process or the oxidation and/or transport of pre-energy compounds like sugars and/or fats. However, the Trial phospholipid supplement is the only supplement to actually be evaluated successfully in clinical trials for reducing fatigue and increasing cellular energy function.  In preliminary studies the Trial phospholipid supplement was found to reduce the type of pain found in Fibromyalgia. This study was conceived to provide additional evidence for these initial findings.

Q. How can The Trial phospholipid supplement improve my health?
A. The ingredients in the Trial phospholipid supplement improve membrane health and all the functions of cellular membranes. This includes the outer or plasma membrane and all of the membranes of compartments within the cell, such as mitochondria (the energy producing compartments inside our cells). Since the aging process and the development of chronic diseases are both accompanied by oxidation and deterioration of membranes, especially mitochondrial membranes, it is clear that replacement of the damaged membrane components could slow or change this direction and restore lost function. 

Q. What are the anti-aging benefits of the Trial phospholipid supplement?
A. It has been shown in clinical (and pre-clinical) trials that membrane phospholipids can maximize a person’s energy.  It was also reported to improve membrane stability and electrical potential, and these are essential for cellular metabolism. As a result of regular use, a person will get more out of the food they eat and the nutrients and vitamins (such as found in multi-vitamin supplements) they consume due to the carrier properties of The Trial phospholipid supplement that allow better food and vitamin uptake.

Q. How does the Trial phospholipid supplement counteract cellular damage from free radicals?
A. Free radicals damage us by reacting with the fats in cellular membranes (these are called membrane phospholipids) of our cells. Ingredients, such as the Trial phospholipid supplement, replace damaged, oxidized membrane phospholipids with healthy, unoxidized phospholipids. The phospholipids and antioxidants in the Trial phospholipid supplement can also directly protect against free radical damage.

Q. How does the Trial phospholipid supplement support my immune function?
A. The Trial phospholipid supplement improves the available energy that your immune system needs to function. The easiest way to realize this is the common experience that when you are very tired and run down, it is easier to become sick. The Trial phospholipid supplement also improves the ability of your body to produce and replace the cells that make up your immune system.

Q. How is the Trial phospholipid supplement different from other supplements that claim to help cellular function?
A. The Trial phospholipid supplement provides the ability to restore lost membrane function and provides necessary cellular components. Typically, fresh nutrients can potentially help to mitigate future cellular damage, but only the Trial phospholipid supplement has been proven to be able to restore lost membrane function. An example is that we expect older people to have less energy and fatigue more easily.  In one clinical trial it significantly reduced fatigue and restored the energy producing ability (called mitochondrial function) in elderly people to levels typical of healthy 30-year-old adults.

Q. How does The Trial phospholipid supplement improve fatigue caused by exercise?
A. By improving mitochondrial function and reducing the damage done to the membranes from exercise and the production of free radicals, the Trial phospholipid supplement will improve fatigue and speed recovery from exercise fatigue.

Q. What can I expect when I take the Trial phospholipid supplement? How long until the effect takes place?
A. The Trial phospholipid supplement works by supplying and saturating gut mucosal membranes with membrane phospholipids and small lipid globules that contain membrane phospholipids.  Some of the phospholipids will then be picked up by carrier molecules and cells and transported throughout the body. This process begins immediately and gradually increases, but for fatigue, changes occur within one to four weeks, and individuals begin to feel the improvement in their ability to do more and fatigue less easily. For other symptoms the changes occur more quickly, and this study will be studying the times required to change Fibromyalgia symptom severity.

Q. Should the Trial phospholipid supplement be taken with food?
A. It is best to take the Trial phospholipid supplement 20-30 minutes before breakfast and again 20-30 minutes before dinner. However, it can also be taken along with light meals or taken alone without food. The reason for this is that the fat in the meal contains phospholipids that can interfere or compete with the phospholipids in the Trial phospholipid supplement. It should also be taken 20-30 minutes before meal replacement products that contain lecithin or other lipids for the same reason.

Q. Why is improvement in mitochondrial function so important for optimizing my health?
A. Mitochondria do many things–one of which is to produce cellular energy necessary for cellular metabolism and the processing of food. Mitochondria are also essential for producing energy used by nerve cells to maintain nerve cell membrane function. One possible reason why Fibromyalgia patients have so much nerve and pain problems is that their peripheral nerves (such as the peripheral pain-signaling nerve cells) may have lost the electrical balance necessary to prevent spontaneous nerve firing.

Q. How does the Trial phospholipid supplement work in combination with other supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods?
A. The Trial phospholipid supplement will make other nutrients more effective and better utilized, because the membrane phospholipids in The Trial phospholipid supplement have been proven to improve membrane potential and production of high-energy molecules necessary for transport and uptake. Membrane potential refers to the electrical activity of a membrane that drives metabolism. This is a necessary process that provides the energy to metabolize foods, and it also helps with other functions inside cells.

Q. How does the Trial phospholipid supplement improve digestive function?
A. The membrane phospholipids in the Trial phospholipid supplement are particularly beneficial because, in addition to improving the health of the cell membranes that line the digestive tract, they help to support healthy microflora (friendly bacteria) in the gut.

Q. How safe is the Trial phospholipid supplement?
A. The Trial phospholipid supplement is exceptionally safe. It is considered safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Agency). It has no maximum dose requirement, and it was shown to be  completely safe in animals and humans.

Q. What are the precautions when taking the Trial phospholipid supplement?
A. There are none.

Q. How can The Trial phospholipid supplement improve my quality of life?
A. By improving nutrition, energy, anti-oxidant protection and cellular membrane functions.

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